Top 10 Ultimate Must Visit Travel Destinations – 2020

Travelling is an ultimate pleasure of life. It brings on the mush needed break and relaxation from the mundane daily routines. Great poets have mentioned that travelling is one of the best ways of gaining new learning and experiences.

Saint Augustine said that, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.” 

With so many great places in the world, its tough to choose the best. I am a big travel freak and basis my experience and travels done so far, I highly recommend the following must visit places. Each of these places has a different aura and feel to it and you will definitely love each of them.

Please share your great expriences and moments in the comments.

MALDIVES - The White Sand Beaches
PARIS - The City of Lights
VENICE - The Floating City
Santorini - The Incredible White Marvel
SWITZERLAND - The Heaven on Earth
JAIPUR - The City of Forts
SYDNEY - The Emerald City
KERALA - God's Own Country
PHUKET - The Pearl of the Andaman Sea
DUBAI - The City of Gold
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