Know about the Latest Updates of Coronavirus in Pakistan

Zafar Mirza, State Minister of Health of Pakistan, formerly Director Health System, World Health Organization is actively using the Social Media Platform Twitter to share Latest Updates of Coronavirus in Pakistan.

While a day ago, Pakistan confirmed that there are no suspected or confirmed cases of the deadly coronavirus in the territory, The EOC has raised a high-alert. Also leading domestic and international health experts are being consulted for insights.

Additionally, Pakistan Embassy is promptly monitoring more than 500 Pakistani students in Wuhan city and assured that all are safe from the coronavirus infection.

Also, an existing suspect named Multan, is being closely monitored in Nishtar Hospital and is currently out of any signs of coronavirus infection.

Know how Coronavirus is impacting the World

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8 months ago

I think that the situation is only getting worse. But there is no need to panic. You need to take all prevention measures.

8 months ago

Thank you for the article in which you outlined the latest updates of coronavirus in Pakistan. I am afraid the virus is spreading too quickly.