Benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing (VAPT)

What is Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing (VAPT)?

VAPT is the most comprehensive technical park for cyber security auditing. It includes assessing for vulnerabilities, penetration testing, reporting and parching of your company’s web/mobile applications and networking infrastructure.

Whereas the vulnerability assessment aims at finding the security gaps in the application, penetration testing actually exploits the gaps discovered to generate a PoC (Proof of Concept) .

Why Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing is important?

Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are crucial activities in web application security assessment. They constitute a part of secure code development and are of utmost importance in today’s date of complex cyber attacks. A website which has not been sufficient assessed for common vulnerabilities may prove a treasure for hackers as they might attack such insecure websites to gain access to underlying databases leading to data breaches. Not just this, hackers may even add hidden malicious code in your website code that may lead anyone vising your website, being unconsciously infected.

VAPT is a step in the right direction from the perspective of website security and with advanced automated off-the-shelf tool available the time for vulnerability discovery is slowly converging.  Know the type of VAPT is best for your environment and secure your website today!!

What are the benefits of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing?

    • VAPT helps to identify vulnerabilities and risks in your web/mobile applications and networking infrastructure
    • Validates the effectiveness of current security safeguards
    • Quantifies the risk to the internal systems and confidential information
    • Provides detailed remediation steps to detect existing flaws and prevent future attacks
    • Validates the effectiveness of security and system updates/upgrades
    • Protects the integrity of assets in case of existing malicious code hidden in any of them
    • Helps to achieve and maintain compliance with applicable International and Federal regulations

Cyber Security Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT) Interview Questions with Answers: Part 1

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MLA Web Designs
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MLA Web Designs
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