Cybersecurity System Building Blocks – the 3A’s

Cyber crimes are constantly on the rise and traditional approaches sometimes prove inadequate to cater to the  complex threat landscape today.

Newer models and frameworks for establishing cyber security appear from across the globe including those from reputed organizations like NIST, CSA etc.

However, to proactively tackle all the aspects of cyber-security a multi-dimensional model becomes quin-essential. A framework that focuses on  the traditional approaches interlaced with the proactive approaches.

Proactive, intelligent cybersecurity should become the norm for every organization. To get ahead of cyber crime we suggest that organizations adopt a 3-stage improvement process for strengthening the cyber security posture.

1. Activate  (a foundational approach)

Organizations need to establish and improve the solid foundations of their cybersecurity. It is about looking into the unknown. Based on cyber threat intelligence, potential hacks are identified; measures are taken before any damage
is done.

2. Adapt  (a dynamic approach)

Because organizations are constantly changing and cyber threats are evolving, cybersecurity needs to be able to adapt to changing requirements. It is about change. The cybersecurity system is changing when the environment is changing. It is focused on protecting the business of tomorrow.

3. Anticipate (a proactive approach)

Organizations  need to make efforts to predict what is coming so they can be better prepared for the inevitable cyber attacks. It is a complex set of cybersecurity measures focused on protecting the business as it is today.



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