What is Phishing?

Phishing is a computer scam that uses email messages to trick victims into disclosing private information (Social Security Number, Credit Cards, banking data, passwords, etc)

Why should we be concerned about Phishing Attempts?

1. Often sent from someone that we “trust” or are in some way associated with us and are tough to differentiate

2. Phishing emails usually target at harvesting login credentials and other account related details that may be replayed later sometime for monetary benefits

3. Phishing emails often contain spyware designed to give remote control to our computer or track our online activities

4. Phishing emails often come from fake email addresses and hence difficult to trace back


Common Methods of Identifying a Phishing Email:


1. Subject line enticing to take quick action

2. Spoofed sender addresses

3. Genuine looking Content

4. Misleading hyperlinks


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