Missed Call from +355

A new international pay-per-call phone number missed call scam has been identified from Albania (+355).

These calls arrive at odd times and often disconnect after one or two rings, not giving the receiver enough time to answer the call. The call appears in your phone log as a missed call and tempts you to return the call.

When you do that, you’ll hear a voice saying something like “hello, you have reached the operator, please hold.”

While you’re doing that patiently, you’re getting charged per minute as per international call rates.

Some reported numbers are:




  • The simplest solution is “don’t call numbers you don’t recognize”.
  • Today many smartphones display the location of the calling number as well. If not, just simply Google the ISD code before calling (first three digits).
  • You may also install third party apps like “Truecaller” that references a vast spam caller list.

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10 Thoughts to “Missed Call from +355”

  1. Blingy

    Got a phone number from Albania too. +355 69 703 8772, Idk what their game is but its not funny.

  2. Ike

    +355673273082 called just now before the Friday midnight. Two rings and quite.

  3. Malkhaz

    I got a missed call from +355 69 558 8653

  4. pauliva

    another number to add on the list +355689910119. are they really that bored? a**holes…

  5. David Robert

    Another spam number +355692863349

  6. Devran Şengül

    Another scam number : +355 684211677

  7. Stephanie

    Missed calls at of hours from ‭+355 69 388 9595‬ and ‭+355 69 233 5382‬ Albania. Do not return call

  8. Laurie Frost

    Got a number to add 355-69-224-0471. I didn’t call it back cause I didn’t know who it was.

  9. blak tee

    blak tee: I also have a missed call from +355699407340

  10. Kostadin

    Thank you guys. Doing grate job.

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