Missed Call Scam from +960

Missed call 960

A new international pay-per-call phone number missed call scam has been identified from Maldives (+960).

These calls arrive at odd times and often disconnect after one or two rings, not giving the receiver enough time to answer the call. The call appears in your phone log as a missed call and tempts you to return the call.

When you do that, you’ll hear a voice saying something like “hello, you have reached the operator, please hold.”

While you’re doing that patiently, you’re getting charged per minute as per international call rates.

Some reported numbers are:




  • The simplest solution is “don’t call numbers you don’t recognize”.
  • Today many smartphones display the location of the calling number as well. If not, just simply Google the ISD code before calling (first three digits).
  • You may also install third party apps like “Truecaller” that references a vast spam caller list.

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222 Thoughts to “Missed Call Scam from +960”

  1. Raffy

    I received call from +960558965272

  2. Samina

    I am getting continuously missed calls from ‭+960 99758643‬ number. It’s Maldives number and I don’t know anyone there. No connection at all. I feel it’s a scam. I did not call back.

  3. Nazerullah

    +960 336-9186 one ring miss call received

  4. Usman

    I got missed call for these numbers

  5. syed irfan ali

    +960706923796 missed calls on my dubai number. be careful from this scam number.

  6. M.Klok

    you can add this number into the above list +960706916891

  7. Shakeb

    I got so many time missed call from this no. +9607725556 please report this no….

  8. Naufal

    I got missed call from 009607724690 twice within last 2 days

  9. Ranjini

    I got missed calls from 4 numbers for Maldives. +960706363611, +960706350414, +960706348477,+960706370260

  10. jfjf

    +960710273965 i got miss call from this number

  11. Rami Alnairab

    Got a call from +960706301512

  12. Basharat

    +960156112056 today i received call from this number

  13. azad

    +960706295739 i got two misscall


    i too got the calls from
    +960599663325 – on 14/09/2020
    +960538570167 – on 30/06/2020
    +960537663086 – on 07/05/2020
    +960511842181 – on 11/04/2020
    +960592504551 – on 17/03/2020
    +960594190220 -on 28/02/2020


    i too got the call from +960599663325

  16. DreamBoat

    I have received a miss call from this code +960 on several occasions, I had to block the line but the maga (scammer) kept changing numbers. Today, I received another miss call from this one +960706283163, they are wasting their precious time.

  17. alim

    daily received missed calls if any body know them i shall give him huge reward.

  18. Thoufiq

    I got a missed call from this number +960706255908

  19. Kelvin

    +690 6649 478 is a scam number from Maldives 🇲🇻. Authorities of Maldives beware and take decisive action. That number keep flashing to and always a missed call alert from it.

  20. Mohamed Rafeeq

    I am always getting missed calls from +960706150863, +960706142718, +960706141289, +960706134121. Hentammoooo, ee naayinte makkalekond thottupoyi.

  21. aneesh

    I got a call from

  22. Shakir


  23. richard viola

    keep getting these calls from+960, Maldives,2 short rings and a hang up.

  24. Afzal

    I got two missed call from +960706648521

  25. Moazzim

    they are fake i received first call 1st call 12 august 2020 from +930705671625 2nd +960705675009 3rd 13 august 2020 +960705681129 4th +960705684920 i called 4th call just back there was one Hindi speak lady i was asking from where you get my number and he was not answer properly as she was doing something with my call or try to waste the time so i disconnected the call and after that i put auto answering on my mobile to accept all incoming calls immediately, so next time they call me they get charged.

  26. Maria


  27. Zubair Pervaiz

    Add this number in scam number list plz

  28. shujath

    +96013613852 new number

  29. SETH

    TODAY AT 11: 10 AM East African TIME I GOT MISSED CALL FROM +9607777221

  30. SHIVA


  31. Shahzad Ahmed Ali

    +960551152380 I just got a miss call from this number 😔🙄

  32. Saud

    Got a call r n from ‭+960 590076451‬ And I just hang up without answering the call. These scam calls from the Maldives keep growing (called me more than 15 times I guess for the last year. Every time I block them they use a mew number

  33. RIDOY

    I GOT A MISSED CALL +960564281791

  34. iamdjev

    I got a missed caLL
    that numbr just right now…

  35. Also numbers with +247
    very annoying.

  36. Zafar Mohiuddin

    i too got the call from +960534857464

  37. Jaston

    Me also got a call
    +960 7118763

  38. Wael

    Received a scam call that rang once from +9609007397

  39. Randall

    Received a scam call from +960 664 22 374 rang two times and stopped

  40. Cynthia Y.D.

    It seems , all the missed calls today came from Maldives, I just got one just a while back +960508663924

  41. Kale

    This number can be added. I recieved a missed call from it.. +960263318077

  42. TMB

    Got a miss call from +960564016592

  43. syed hussain

    Got Miss Called from # +960506074663

  44. Randall

    Got a scam call from +960 664 11 026

  45. Salman

    +960 59643780 I got a missed call from this number different ladies talking on phone be carefull am sure its a scam….

  46. Ijaz Ahmad

    +960922872582 should be a scammer.

  47. Wajahat

    I got so many time missed call from this no. +960557576289 please report this no….

  48. Shahid Moazzam

    I got several times miss calls from these number +960705208878

  49. Bódis Józsefné

    +1 960 908 71 93 ról kaptam hívás tiltólistáta tettem úgy jó???

  50. Sulafa

    I got a call from +960619244928, I answered that call and I’m like “hello?” Then he/she hunged up

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