Missed Call Scam from +257

A new international pay-per-call phone number scam has been identified from Burundi, Africa (+257).

These calls arrive at odd times and often disconnect after one or two rings, not giving the receiver enough time to answer the call. The call appears in your phone log as a missed call and tempts you to return the call.

When you do that, you’ll hear a voice saying something like “hello, you have reached the operator, please hold.” 

While you’re doing that patiently, you’re getting charged per minute as per international call rates. 
Some reported numbers are:


How to safeguard against missed call spams??

  • The simplest solution is “don’t call numbers you don’t recognize”.
  • Today many smartphones display the location of the calling number as well. If not, just simply Google the ISD code before calling (first three digits).
  • You may also install third party apps like “Truecaller” that references a vast spam caller list.

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16 Thoughts to “Missed Call Scam from +257”

  1. Got on today scam number 257-89775378 was the number I got fake of course

  2. Anonymous

    In my case I just got a call from +257 61701045

  3. +257 89 775 867 tried to call me today

  4. Anonymous

    This number 25761701045 called me every week. Today called me twice. How to make them stop calling me.

  5. +257 72330410 called me today and twice last week !

  6. Anonymous

    In the early morning hours I've had 25761701045 and 25761701010 call me in the last few days. Pain in the ass.

  7. Hi i got same missed call at 4am i dont call back couse i kbow its spam.

  8. Anonymous

    +25761701042/58/46/46/28/21 Got short calls every day from this numbers for the last couple of days.

  9. Anonymous

    ive been gettiong calls from 25749300012 4 times in 3 minutes someone plz explain what is going on

  10. Сегодня суки позвонили с номера +25797770106. Сразу подумал что мошенники, но все же перезвонил. Трубку взяли сразу и тишина на том конце!))) Воровать у меня не чего, так что не так страшно!

  11. Alexandre

    Spam :+25772330099

  12. Anonymous

    I got a call from +25772331313

  13. Anonymous

    +25797772199, that’s the number I got mine from. Fakers

  14. Lalith Sanjaya

    little while ago i have recieved a call from +257 75400030

  15. Lewis

    Just received a call from +25797770913 they hung up quick. Most likely scammer expecting people to call back.

  16. Anonymous

    Called by +257 78 13 09 95

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